In a better place on November 4th

I woke up this morning with the knowledge that in order to move forward and stay sane, I need to prioritize my own physical and spiritual well-being. From there I will find the next thing I can do to be of service and give my life some purpose.

I waited a whole 10 minutes or so before I checked my phone, and found that we were still far from an answer but it was looking vaguely hopeful for Biden.

We had to return the rental truck we used as the get-out-the-vote mobile and decided to take a hike. The weather has become balmy and gone from the 30s/40s not long ago to 70 degrees today. I believe that sense of a sigh of relief I felt yesterday was real. Even the weather is feeling it.

Stupidly, I have MSNBC on and the roller coaster of predictions of hope and doom is making me the tiniest bit crazy. I must say, while it is clearly biased reporting, I enjoy their little offhanded snide comments about the idiocy of the current administration. Such as Rachel Maddow pointing out that 45 is pushing to stop counting in Michigan while Biden is ahead and “that’s – using the technical term – dumb.”

But! Wisconsin seems to have gone for Biden! I’ve been getting sweet messages from friends and family congratulating me on my work over here. It makes me feel silly because I have really done so little, but it feels good too. Ellen’s friend Bill, on the other hand, been out every day driving his huge hand made sign in Ellen’s truck for hours and hours every day. He waves and smiles at everyone whether they are giving him a thumbs up or flipping him off.

Here is our exchange tonight – He is such a sweet man who I’m so glad is in the fight!!

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