The Farm

On Friday, November 6th we decided to step away from the TV, toggling back and forth between MSNBC and FOX News and send ourselves up to “the farm”. Ellen told me that when their pets get old they get sent to the farm – but this is a real place. It’s her father’s family home where his brother, David still lives.

David was a big game hunter:

Ellen tells me that when her grandmother was alive, she would decorate all the animals in the trophy room at Christmas. I so would have loved to see that!!

David traveled the world and shot every one of these animals. He told me that he isn’t able to hunt any more, because there was a fawn who never learned to jump fences, so was stuck on his property and he fell in love with it and never wanted to shoot an animal again.

That’s David on the right in the big picture and Ellen’s father, James next to him by the window.

I found the whole place very photogenic. Too my camera isn’t a little better.

Happily both of these old, white Wisconsin men were also praying for a Biden win. So we had lovely meal, commiserating about the state of the country and hoping for a turn-around.

And happily we found out the next day that Biden did indeed win!!! Hallehfuckinglulah!!

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