October 5

After our epic drive through the Teton and Yellowstone National Parks we pulled into the yard of a retired couple outside of Cody Wyoming after dark. They shared their wireless password and I was able to catch up on the news before I fell asleep without eating dinner. This is where we woke up.

We had to leave right away because there was no bathroom and I didn’t feel comfortable squatting in their yard once the sun was up. I had reassured them that I had a bucket to pee in, but just had a jar. Another lesson learned: practice peeing in a jar before you have to. I hadn’t, so just decided to take off early.

Found a bathroom at a gas station where they had the Halloween shenanigans going strong.

Chuckles and I took a lovely early morning walk along the Shoshone River right there in Cody.

Then we drove and drove until we got Rapid City, where we stayed in a Comfort Inn and I did some laundry and tried to figure out this damned blog.

Driving into Rapid City I happened upon the Lakota radio station

It helped me feel a little more grounded – despite all the pavement and strip malls.

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