October 4th

I woke up a couple hours east of Jackson Hole Wyoming just off of 287. I arrived after dark (on the 3rd) so really had no idea where I was, but the stars were bright until the moon came up which was even brighter. Chuckles and I wandered a bit and saw the little creek on the other side of the berm, then I put up my curtains for the first time – since I wasn’t quite sure if there would be people around, and cozied into the car and crashed.

Woke up to beauty! There was no one else camping and we were a ways from the owners’ house. We took a stroll to find the bathroom and I was relieved that no one else was there! I have a recurring nightmare about having to poop and the only place to go is super public (the most extreme was a toilet on top of a lifeguard tower) . So as you can imagine this could have been quite stressful – BUT there was no one there – so as it turned out I had one of the most pleasant morning constitutionals I’ve ever had.

The next night I had a place to camp outside of Cody and could have gotten there in 2 hours by going North on a bigger highway. I decided instead to backtrack and go through Teton and Yellowstone National parks – since I was in the neighborhood. It was a long day of driving but I was happy to get to see it all. I’ve made a few little videos of the day – starting with a little tour of my car set-up and then the views as a drove with the music that was on.

Who knew that there was a great big sea (practically) at the top of the Rockies!!

Some other random images from my day.

Once again, I got to my campsite after dark – it was basically just a space in a retired couple’s yard – they had wireless so I caught up on the news (all snuggled in my car) and went to sleep.

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