Tuesday September 29

I set out driving east and stopped in Boise where I wandered around the Hyde Park neighborhood. I saw a lot of queer flags and Black Lives Matter signs, but didn’t take pix.

September 29 – October

I spent 4 lovely days with my dear friend, Hector. He was actually my first real boyfriend way back in the day and it is lovely to be back in touch. Over the days we dealt with my bank stuff (because of the scam) and wandered around the Twin Falls area which is deceptively beautiful. It seems to be a red/Trump enclave but Hector and his family do a lovely job of staying true to their beliefs and having lovely relationships with those around them. Another super sweet thing was: after I lost his Starbucks card with $40 on it, he smiled and said that he was due to pay it forward so hopefully someone will enjoy it. ❤

I love how the city built these fences to accommodate these groovy old trees.

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